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Ballpit Nails

OGs X Ombre Bundle

OGs X Ombre Bundle

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Step your nail game up with this revolutionary, dual-ended nail art brush! No more wasting time switching brushes during advanced nail techniques--our double design features a clean up brush / blender on one end, and a 12mm liner brush on the other. Now you can color block, line, blend, AND erase mistakes with the same brush...all in the flip of a wrist. 


What's the difference between Double Trouble and Twice as Nice? 


While both brushes feature the same cleanup / blender, the liner brushes are different lengths--here's why. Twice as Nice (6 mm liner) is Maddox's favorite for 3D characters and portrait painting, whereas Double Trouble (12 mm liner) is intended for 2D characters and more general use. Double Trouble's longer bristles naturally absorb shaky hand movement, making it much easier to achieve smooth, delicate linework. 

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