Hey guys! My name is Maddox, also known as Ballpit online. I graduated in 2018 from Rhode Island School of Design as a textile designer. My nail journey began shortly after as a nail tech at Isla Berlin, where I quickly fell in love with the craft. I eventually moved back to the United States where I was picked up by Dev as an ambassador! Today, as a brand owner, I am so excited to work with my amazingly talented team of ambassadors, and to share our passion and joy for nail art with everyone! 

  • Alisha

    Hi my name is Alisha, and I’m the CEO of AndClaws. I’m from the DC Metropolitan Area and began my journey as a nail technician in 2019. Shortly after, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and I launched my press-on nail business in 2020. Three years later, I am now a full time content creator as well as the operator of a successful press-on nail business. I am proud to be a part of the Ballpit family and look forward to what the future holds for my nail journey.

  • Vonnie


    Hello there beautiful people! My name is Jovon Gullette also Known as @nailsbygeez on all social platforms. Nail art became my passion three years ago at the height of the pandemic and I haven’t looked back since. Artists like Maddox have opened my eyes to a world of creativity that I didn’t know existed. My art has grown to become unique and out of the box. I strive to create work that makes people feel good and sparks emotion. I am thrilled to be a Brand Ambassador for Ballpit Shop and I hope to make my mommy proud!

  • Gabby

    Hello, my name is Gabby! I’m based in sunny Southern California! Before nails I studied design & worked in the industry. One quarantine day in 2020, I did my nails just for fun and have loved it ever since! A year after that I quit my design job and enrolled in nail school to became a certified nail tech! Now my favorite thing to do is make YouTube videos & share what I’ve learned with fellow artists! I love the community that nails has given me! I couldn’t be more excited and grateful to be part of the Ballpit family!

  • Crisania


    Hi my name is Crisania! I live in Canada, I started doing 3d nail art in October 2022 and I fell in love with sculpting and doing nail art! After only a few months I quickly gained confidence in my sculpting skills and today I am proud to be able to offer state-of-the-art miniature 3d charms. I feel so lucky to work with Ballpit and be part of her team she inspires me so much and makes me want to be better.  

  • Britney

    Hi friends! I’m Britney from Texas and I’ve been a nail tech since February 2021. I have been dabbling in art ever since I could hold a crayon but somehow I never tried painting until nail school! My favorite thing to create is anything spooky, creepy, and macabre. I hope my art inspires you to the bone and I’m so honored to play in the Ballpit !

  • Sejla

    I'm a passionate nail artist who brings a ray of sunshine to everything I do . I've been in the nail industry for three years, and I've loved every minute of it. I’ve always loved art and everything about being a creative. My favourite part of doing nail art is taking a blank canvas and watching it transform into something so amazing